eCommerce infrastructure for any digital experience

Rye builds developer tools and APIs to build the next generation of eCommerce experiences.

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Integrate eCommerce into any digital experience

We built Rye to enable developers to add eCommerce anywhere

Intergrated Checkout

Checkout with no redirects

Let users checkout right on your app without having to redirect. 46% of shoppers bounce when redirected to a merchant page, make the sale when it’s the most opportune.

Accept payment for products with any credit card

Make sales without holding inventory or being responsible for fraud and disputes

Order confirmation and details can be viewed directly on your app


Retrieve product data from any store

Search the global inventory of Shopify and Amazon products as well as all the information needed to become a seller including price, inventory, and metadata.

View over 390 million products in our network

Get up-to-date price and inventory data

Query for merchant data and product recommendations


Earn rewards on any transaction

Whether you’re building for content creators, influencers, or your own website, earn affiliate commissions for each product you sell.

Every Amazon product is in-network

Earn different commissions per product

Get paid out monthly for your rewards

Start building with Rye

Build the future of eCommerce in your app

Start building with Rye

Build the future of eCommerce in your app

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